Why We’re using Technology in the Transportation Sector.

The transportation sector is fast growing due to increase in human population and the the need for easy access to daily transit.People, goods and services needs mobility in order to move from one geographical location to another.

With the growing market demand, taxi businesses can gain massive profits if they can formulate an effective business strategy powered by technology.

Here are 3 ways we’re using technology to boost our transportation business:

1.We Created a mobile App for our taxi business

The advent of smartphone has made online booking easy through the use of mobile apps.Having a mobile friendly app such as Quick Go which allow customer to book and hire vehicles.

Customer can opt for pickup service online. From the comfort of any location customer can make online order for taxi pick up. This enhance convenience and comfort for customers.

2. Strategic Marketing Online

Marketing is the backbone of any business, we saw the need to create an effective marketing strategy that will attract our target audience form the internet.

We’re able to achieve this through sponsored ad on social media platform.This is helping us to achieve brand recognition and boost the value of the same at a faster pace.

3. Customer Retention Through App Engagement

After creating a marketing campaign for our mobile app , it does not end here .Business success lies in our ability in retaining our customers and curtailing the number of app uninstalls.

Creating a features that reward customers for using the mobile app to book online. Also, getting rating and reviews from customer via the mobile app platform.

Customer retention is a brilliant move to hold onto the existing opportunities for your taxi business. However, you also need to expand your customer base to take your business to the next level.

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